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List of the top 5 multifunction printers 2013

Here's a good publication on the best printers in 2013, you can be used as reference for purchase of such equipment if it has the posilidad and save a lot of money on printing.

Then we got a list of the 5 best printers for the year 2013, these teams are freshly made, and the statistics obtained are tests that have been made, the position of these printers are based in relation to price, performance and consumable costs.

The list is headed HP brand printers, this does not mean that this is the best brand, one that has been more printers who have to compete.
In the list they have been added monochrome laser printers, have little presence but even printers are functioning, the fact that most printers monochrome inkjet printers is the cost of inkjet printers appear.

HP Officejet Pro 276dw Multifunctional

HP Officejet Pro 276dw  best multifunctional 2013 this printer has an estimated price of about $ 300 ink cartridges of this printer allows us to print a lot of pages, has a cost per page relatively cheap based on the quality you receive.
HP Officejet Pro 276dw multifunctional
HP Officejet Pro 276dw multifunctional
This printer will give a cost per page average 2 cents black pages and color pages an average price of 10 cents, base prices are new original ink cartridges are purchased.

Thanks to its speed and quality but the size of the printer can obtain a large volume of pages per month Printer favored the use of micro enterprises and domestic use as well.

Based on the quality you get with this team is something fantastic prices compared to what you can get if we used toner cartridges colorjet.

The design of the HP Officejet Pro printer 276dw is nice if we put this printer at home or the office.

For all functions of this equipment the small footprint is surprising compared with previous printers. Its nice style and design new printers is attractive when making decision to bring a printer to our homes.

This printer has a touch screen that allows us to do all tasks quick and easy manear, all functions are easy to find nested from fax to print documents from the connection memories on the front.
printer hp HP Officejet Pro 276dw
printer hp HP Officejet Pro 276dw
This printer has all the choices that are considered multifunction printers, print, copy, scan and send / receive fax documents.

This equipment is fully updated with the trends of today as printing from the clouds, AirPrint and scan from the cell. You can connect directly to your router and set to print from mobile devices such as iPhone or Android application to print the manufacturer HP.

In the ADF tray of this equipment can withstand about 50 pages, both consecutive scanner copies as all supporting documents on top.

They can scan double-sided documents without the need for intervention with our hands, scan to print only we need the intervention of flip pages each page is copied with this printer.

This printer features to support multiple languages, has a direct printer support that will help solve any problems quickly with just a bit of reading, you can go even while helping solve the simple problem that may arise.

This team has a process tray for wide paper, on the back of this printer on a few occasions we were jam by paper or full strength gives us the ability to print documents stronger role.

This part of the printer that can print a document double-sided with ease, unlike previous printers necessary, take the printer out of the printer and change the face.

With this printer you can opt to buy ink cartridges the normal version or ink cartridges extra large version (XL). These cartridges we can get about 2,500 pages extra version ink cartridges and ink cartridges large normal version we can get about 1,200 pages.

The inbox of this printer has the ability to support about 250 pages is an average of half a ream of paper 8.5 for 11.5 standard pages, has an auxiliary tray which is used to place pages that are harder and not requiring long roll into the printer. This tray is recommended for printing pages or strong representative cards thicknesses.

Printer HP Officejet Pro X576dw (CN598A)

This other printer tops the list, with inkjet technology and high performance for long print job. The inkjet printers compared to laser printers are being marketed quickly, you can even say that they are gaining ground.
HP Officejet Pro X576dw
HP Officejet Pro X576dw
Apparently the manufacturer has realized they rent more such that laser printers, include the purchase price of these printers usually is usually cheaper than laser printers. In particular it has a new printing technology inkjet that works similarly to the way technology laser printers.

Inkjet printers have a traditional ink ink head passing around the page by injecting ink in the printing process, in this case the printer has a print head does not move to change the ink injected when the paper is by instead.

This is called system wide page (HP PageWide). It is said that these printers have almost twice the speed of laser printers, such tests have shown that print at the same speed laser printers, these printers still have exceeded the average rate of the conventional inkjet ink.

It is said that these printers have almost twice the speed of laser printers, such tests have shown that print at the same speed laser printers, these printers still have exceeded the average rate of the conventional inkjet ink .

The real strength of this printer and can be considered the low cost per page, it is cheaper than any other cost per page for ink jet multiguncional. Offices with large volumes of monthly documents can take advantage of economic cost per page.

Such printers were launched in February 2013 in total there are about 6 printers with the technology of which only three are multifuntionals printers and other printers.

The price of this printer averages around 800 dollars which is a higher purchase price for the price you have printers that compete with it. Thanks really worth the cost per page offered by this printer.

It really has a great print speed, approximate color pages per minute page 50 which is a record for any inkjet printer.

To be an inkjet multifunction printer has a large size and physical weight, let's assume that the new technology that has built, has a size of 20.3 inches wide and 15.7 cm deep with 20.3 centimeters high and weighs about 53 kilos really is a lot of weight for an inkjet printer.

This printer almost like modern printers are connected directly to the wireless router signal giving the ability to print from mobile devices such as tablets and direct cell without the need of a computer as an intermediary.

It has a 4.3 inch touch screen that allows us to accept and configure printing from Google Cloud Print, AirPrint, ePrint among other printing methods without wires or computers.
Screen of printer HP Officejet Pro X576dw (CN598A)
Screen of printer HP Officejet Pro X576dw (CN598A)
The screen is a 4.3 inch printer makes easier use, has a lot of different languages for configuration and use. This printer despite having already installed applications for the use of work you can download extra applications.

In the front of the printer are a variety of connectors for print and view files on the screen, connectors from SD to USB ports has this computer in front.

With this printer you can scan a document and send it to USB memory connected to the printer directly without computers to process the image.

Many of the products of last generation HP brand give us the possibility to print, copy and scan double-sided documents. This printer has a top ADF tray that allows us to scan documents, print and copy double-sided documents without user intervention.

We can scan large volumes of documents without the need to remove the pages and change for the other side this new method is called auto duplex copying or scanning.

When installing these printers if we are trying to do this in Windows 8 we will install software utilities that allow us to configure the print from devices such as tablets and smartphones.

I know you are wondering about what we talked about this printer, printing technology (page width) for it we recommend visiting a document from the manufacturer (in English) which explains the best way how this technology works.

As stated at the beginning of this publication type wide page impression is different from previous systems inkjet printing, including laser technology.

Unlike previous ink cartridges ranging from one place to another writing on paper with a head there is fixed all the time and injects ink when it passes the page below the nozzles.
ink nozzles print technology page width hp
ink nozzles print technology page width hp
The ink head seen above has some 42,240 inkjet nozzles which make its function when the paper passes under the printhead.

As you can see from the above image is a head covering completely one page, hence the name of technology width page printing or as known in English (HP PageWide) this kind of technology so far only been used not very commercial printers in Asian and European brands such as Lenovo and LG Electronics.

The printer is revolutionary compared to laser printers the acquisition price is not much difference but when we go to the price of consumables these ink cartridges prices unlike a laser toner cartridge is far.

The noise of these printers is less than the noise of a laser printer and consumption of energy this team is almost half than a laser printer, especially for so far the quality of inkjet printing ink significantly.

Regarding the durability of these parts to operate the printer correctly, you can not say anything to wait out the weather. Use No. 971 ink cartridges yield 3,000 pages black ink cartridge and about 2,500 pages color ink cartridge.

This printer ink cartridge also has extra-large version (XL) with a price 40% higher than normal ink cartridges and give us a yield of 9,200 pages black ink cartridge and 6,200 pages a tri-color ink cartridge.

It really is a significant price difference compared to the prices of standard cartridges and ink cartridges extra large, this is where comes the best price for each page getting black page to 0.013 cents and color to 0.061 cents. So far it is the lowest cost per page being able to save thousands of dollars throughout the lifetime of the printer.
970 hp ink cartridges
970 hp ink cartridges
It has a capacity of 500 pages supporting the main input tray, and can fit another tray that supports another 500 pages, has an additional price.

The design of the printer was thinking of the printing process, since the letters pages are down and out thanks to the support of sheetfed have no chance of damages.

HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus

This has everything a multifunctional needs and significant cost per page, has all the facilities that can give you an all-in-one printer to a small or medium-sized office.

Elected offices all in one printers by the ease that give us these to print, copy, scan and send and receive fax documents. For some it may seem a good multifunction printer we will be saving money and space.

Laser printers technology give us more quickly in some cases, quality improvement that is indisputable and lowest cost per page in the long term.

Today there are printers ink cartridges that give us a cost per page more economical than any laser printer long and short term.
hp officejet pro 8600 plus
hp officejet pro 8600 plus
The HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus printer really has the best appearance, is sure to give us speed, economical consumables and good quality photo printing.

It has an average price of 200 US dollars, something phenomenal for a printer all in one inkjet printer with features mentioned above, features a duplex ADF tray technology that allows us to scan double-sided documents without intervention user all automatic.

The HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus features a 4.3 inch touch screen, something really great for its cost and size but because it can be used without problems explore all its interface and fix any problems that arise with their help and support leads us to the solution.

Its size is something that favors you and you can put anywhere in our home or office without taking up much space. Having a dimenciones 12.4 X 19.4 X 24.5 inches and weighs 27.8 pounds, really is not much.

The screen is said to be one of the fastest they have seen of its kind, can display images in memories we connect, your readers in the front of well-located printer to print photos directly.
printing panel
printing panel
This printer supports most types of memories that are known, though it can send to print from any mobile device or computer from anywhere with HP ePrint tool, it is where an email to the printer is assigned and can send live without user intervention or extra connections.

You can send and PDF, Word and Exel will print documents from other formats like images. Automatic feeder tray lets you copy both sides scan documents without the need for user intervention, supports about 50 pages in this tray.

The monthly century work recommended by the manufacturer are 25,000 pages without putting at risk the printer.

The black ink cartridge prints 2,300 pages and 1,500 pages a tricolor which gives us a cost per black page color 0.016 and 0.073 US cents.
ink cartridges for HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus
ink cartridges for HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus
It has a main pages feeder can accommodate about 250 pages, you can buy an additional tray with ability to support 250 pages, clearly has an additional printer priced and sold separately. This way you can use two types of paper at the same time.

Brother MFC-J825DW Inkjet All-in-One

It is time that other manufacturers enter the battle of the best multifunction printers, here's a brand we have always recommended Brother, you never run out for its versatility and light are printers more exponents in the line of multifunction, even you can consider that this brand is the most multifunction printers available on your list.

A great feature of this printer is economical because you can get with just over US$150 dollars. Something that if compared quality and resistance to the hard work of a medium office is so little money you will receive.

This printer is being marketed worldwide so that if he entered the Brother page and get the distributor in your country or region may get one of these.
Brother MFC-J825DW multifuncional
Brother MFC-J825DW multifuncional
Something that the manufacturer has been noticeable in this printer is that you can make a team with all the quality printer all in one little space, lightweight and even taking all the performance and functioning of printers for heavy work.

Features copy, scan, receive and send fax documents. This printer technology has little to envy its previous competitors, regarding the most innovative, scanning, copying and faxing two-sided because it has the possibility to do so without any problem.

If they have something to envy other is the ability to print CD, because it has a flat tray that allows us to put CD and print them without any difficulty almost like a normal page.

Has a (very beautiful by the way) 3.3-inch screen that can print directly from memory when connecting any reader memory you have, many manufacturers of multifunction printers have sought ways to reduce the price of the pages on your printers this is the most expensive cost per page in this list.

15.9 inches wide, 14.9 inches deep and 7.1 inches high are the measures that are multifunctional inkjet printer ink perfect to locate anywhere in the house or office without hurting appearance.

This printer is not far behind with the possibility that gives users print wirelessly without the need for cables or a single direct connection to a router and this printer, computer with this mode you can print from anywhere in the world Android and Apple mobile devices.

You can even scan documents and send them directly to the cell where we can do with what is considered from sending email or modify the picture on your cellphone and send to print again.

Unlike other printers heads in this printer ink cartridge has an ink independ head and a place to put the ink cartridge in the right side of the printer just below the display "screen" which by the way if we put a ink cartridge by mistake in place that is not correct printer submitted a mistake and warn us.

This printer gives us a cost per page of 0.042 pages black and approximately 0.0117 in color pages, the truth is that is a very heavy price competition from printers such as printers have been one of the same brand have a higher price in exchange for printers same price of other brands are priced much lower than the price of these pages.

The only relief that you can have with these cartridges is whether the combo pack of buying new cartridges, you can get a good price.

In automatic top tray it supports about 25 pages, where you can double-sided copy, scan and fax in the same way. It has USB connection and the ability to connect directly to Ethernet cable.

It has a lot of programs for configuring and even a program to manage and configure the printer remotely.

In this printer will be installed applications for printing from Facebook, Google Picasa and print from clouds or any computer connected using the Google Chrome using a Google Cloud Print.

It has a tray that allows you to insert about 100 pages, it really is not much competition for the printer you have and do not have place to put special pages so if you want to print pages that are a little bigger we get all the pages of the tray.

We made the presentation of a printer that is fourth, with one other good and bad cases but its price compared to what you get is good, really quality and some qualities of this printer as the ability to print CD and of both sides today it is impossible to get for the price.

Dell monochrome laser multifunction wireless B1163w

Presentation of a printer that is among the top 5 multifunctional monochrome type, with an approximate price of 140 dollars and a substantial number of pages per minute in addition to a good cost per page.
This printer comes with a magnificent black color, better pleased that many printers in this list to locate our office or our room, available only in this color, with dimensions 9.8 x 15.3 x 10.8 inches and weighs 15 pounds which noIt is very high compared to its competitors and regularly heavy laser technology.

Only has a tray of paper tickets, which supports no pages problems 8.5 when you want to add pages plus size must be used adaptation that allows placing papers plus size smoothly, located just below the glass scan where it gets the toner cartridge is firmly packed the team say.

Surprisingly little size and capacity of pages in this printer, approximately 100 pages to the output tray and 150 pages to your inbox. It has a control panel that lets unfolded 45 degrees for easy viewing of the work and they want to do.
printer dell laser
printer dell laser
Switch to draft mode to save the toner cartridge with the push of a button on the ECO setting, located just above the screen to show the number of copies.

When selecting this button depending on the printer we are saving 50% on toner cartridge, power used by the printer for printing and paper, really do not understand this part but it is what the manufacturer says.

With this printer has the ability to print wirelessly from a wide range of applications including the Dell MobilePrinting, AirPrint and Google Cloud Printing from other independent that give us the ability to connect your mobile device to the printer compatible with it.

Depending on the type of printing you want to get a lot of pages, such as whether to print all pages in Eco technology can obtain 2,500 pages even though you know you can not get the best quality with this method.

Normal standard without pressing or select the Eco option you can get for toner cartridge about 1,500 pages which brings a cost per page of 0.04 cents really is not the best price for a monochrome printer but this is a multifunction printer with an excellent price and connection.

This printer also has a toner cartridge high performance has a 30% higher price and give us a price of 0.028 cents page by page. The possibility of work of this printer is 12,000 monthly pages really small amount of pages for a monochrome printer but as a buyer you will know what your need.

This publication is composed of printers that can get on sale in 2013 and some of 2014, all printers that were presented above are good teams, as we have always said it all really depends on the needs you have as a buyer.

This publication has been done with data and personal opinions, based on the manufacturer's specifications, computer images taken only manufacturer to use as references and views of the web Computer Shopper.


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en.Relenado: List of the top 5 multifunction printers 2013
List of the top 5 multifunction printers 2013
Here's a good publication on the best printers in 2013, you can be used as reference for purchase of such equipment if it has the posilidad and save a lot of money on printing.
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